Planning Support II

The Planner/Scheduler position is responsible for the effective execution of all maintenance work control processes. He / she is responsible to the Maintenance Manager for the efficient and effective use of planning and scheduling all resources to conduct maintenance activities which result in minimum downtime and maximum productivity. In order to fulfill these responsibilities in the most effective manner, the Planner/Schedule is empowered to manage work priority, develop job plans, define parts and material, define crafts and skills and engage the proper resources to develop a safe, effective and efficient work control plan.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Once a valid work request is submitted, the Planner/Scheduler will prioritize, plan, schedule and follow ?up on accuracy of the job plan for all planned work. Their focus is not day to day but is to be proactive and optimize workforce productivity and minimize plant downtime by managing work 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. In performance of these duties the planner/scheduler has the following responsibilities:
??Principle contact and liaison between the maintenance department, engineering and the customer. They ensure the area, department or facility in which they are assigned receive professional maintenance service in a timely manner to ensure high equipment availability and performance.
??Review all planned work request from assigned area and determine validity and accuracy of information and engage the appropriate resources to set a preliminary priority.
??Reviews work request for accuracy and clarity: clear scope of work, realistic completion date, proper lead times, correct equipment identification, proper charge number (if applicable), proper authorization, and discuss details with originator of the work order.
??Identifies work requiring engineering design and reviews them with engineering.
??Escalates issues to the appropriate department / person for work which does not appear to be valid or costly.
??Review the work to be performed and determine the best way to accomplish the work. They will consult with Leads, Supervisors, Customer, Supervisors, and Stores as necessary.
??Obtain and organize all information required for the crafts to perform the work: drawings, vendor manual, supplemental instructional materials, special procedures which is appropriate.
??Identifies and secures all parts and material required to complete the work by providing stores a Bill of Material for the work order and any special kitting instructions.
??Work with Stores to manage spare part usage to maximize turns but minimize risk of using critical spares.
??Approach all aspect of the work being performed with safety as the highest priority.
??Provide job estimates based on craft or skills required, sequence required and number required.
??Determine and identify any vendor delivered service for the work order.
??Provide cost estimate for the work to be performed: labor, material, and outside services.
??Manage the status of work control and backlog for work order submission to work order completion. Status may include: waiting for planning, waiting parts, ready to schedule, scheduled, etc.
??Verifies all material, information, tools and Labor are available prior to scheduling.
??Works with Maintenance leads, supervisors and engineering to determine resource availability and work to level the work force.
??Develops a preliminary workforce schedule by crew ensuring all skills requirement and resource availability is met.
??Actively participate in production meetings with operation partners to finalize priority of work orders, optimum downtime windows, and necessary lead times.
??Finalize the Maintenance resource schedule based on agreed plan with production.
??Follow up and communicates schedule to all resources: maintenance, production, outside services, stores and engineering.
??Issue scheduled work orders with job plan packets to supervisors.
??Address any questions about the job plan packets.
??Follow up with supervisors and leads to ensure that completed work job packets are turned in with improvement comments in a timely fashion.
??Updates Job packets as required for the files.
??Manage a backlog of work orders which require major or significant portion of the facility to be shutdown.
??Continuously improves the job estimate, planning and scheduling by receiving feedback from maintenance supervisors, maintenance leads, production supervisors, engineers and production planners.
??Will work closely with the following:? Operation supervision; Maintenance Leads and Supervisors; Stores and purchasing personnel; Assigned Outside services; engineering personnel

??Landing Gear experience.
??Mechanical/electrical background required. Apprenticeship program or technical school background is desirable.
??Have adequate craft knowledge and skill to accurately estimate labor hours, material requirement and skills needed to complete a job. Must have a demonstrated ability to visualize and communicate the execution of work.
??Should have good written and verbal communications skills and have demonstrated the ability to be approachable and tactful.
??Good math skills and computer skills.
??Good organizational skills. Demonstrated organizational and planning skills.
??Demonstrated ability to write and provide simple and accurate instructions.
??Knowledge and understands the maintenance processes and proper use of the work order system, planning and scheduling and storeroom processes.
??Can manage multiple priorities or projects simultaneously and keep them progressing to completion.
??Must work well with others.

Physical Demands:
??Must be able to push, pull, life and carry up to 30lbs.

Working Conditions:
??Office environment 90%
??Shop 10%

There is no travel required.

Ability to read, write, speak and understand English.

City Of Industry, CA

Don't Be Fooled

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