Professor of Graphic Design (Discipline of Commercial Art)

Full-time, Tenure Track Professor of Graphic Design & Illustration
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This is a 10-month per year assignment.
Up to $90K per year, plus $11K toward benefits, plus optional overload assignments ( $75 per hour)

Essential Duties & Major Responsibilities
Teach beginning to advanced Graphic Design courses covering contemporary theories, methods, and applications in creativity, design, production, and portfolio development using industry standard tools
Participate in curriculum development, program advisory board, learning outcome development and assessments, grants relevant to program, serve on College committees as necessary to maintain and improve the instructional program, and participate in appropriate professional development activities
Develops industry partnerships that lead to professional opportunities for students
Collaborates effectively with other faculty, staff, and administrators to plan, develop, and execute related programs
Perform related duties as assigned, including timely compliance with clerical and administrative responsibilities and College, division, and department policies
Maintain scheduled office and campus hours, and participate in department/division meetings and committees
Instruct and assist in the growth and success of a diverse population of students through careful preparation of course materials, effective teaching methods including online courses, and informed critical feedback on assignments and discussions
Maintains current in emerging industry technology and practices
Late afternoon and/or evening assignments may be required as part of the regular contract

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