Senior ALM Analyst

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Job Description:
Seeking a seasoned (5+ years' experience) .NET architect and Software Engineer with a strong proficiency in Application Lifecycle Management and Team Foundation Server. This person will be involved in influencing the strategic technology direction of the organization and a key contributor to the rollout of our ALM in the enterprise.
Understanding, analysis, & assessment of the Client environments, requirements, and their ALM maturity
Understanding current environment, migration toolsets, and applications developed for it ALM process.
How it utilizes TFS for managing work;
EMT for migration of code;
SDE for logging of Changes;
Understand Client' SOX requirements regarding migration of code to production
Understanding of scope of applications that the process applies to Internally developed VB vs non-VB External software
Hybrid of internally & Externally developed.
Understanding of Client type of migration
Full Release (complete deployment of application and all of its components)
Partial Release (release of a subset of the applications)
Understanding of components that need to be tracked and migrated
Items tracked and managed by TFS
Items not tracked and managed by TFS
Create and provide the appropriate design documents and roadmap based on Client specifications for the following:
Modifications to the process to insure only approved work/components are moved to the production environment. Modifications to the process to insure work/components are not updated after they have been approved. Guide software development teams in ALM best practices and principles in alignment with the strategic direction of the organization
Bachelors Degree or equivalent experience.
Area of Study: Computer Science or Management Information System
Skill set & Experience:
3-5 years with customizing TFS Build Automation (custom Work Flow activities)
3-5 years designing and implementing branching and merging strategies.
3-5 years of Architecting, Building, and Deploying applications
Able to work independently in drafting and designing alternatives and presenting to the group for review.
Candidates must have hands-on implementation experience and broad knowledge of the .NET platform, ALM, TFS 2010+and Visual Studio 2012+.
Strong hands-on technical skills, an analytical problem-solving mindset, delivery focus and client-orientation are all critical to the success of the architect.
Depth and breadth of both knowledge and hands-on implementation experience with Microsoft .NET development platform and related tools
Extensive project experience performing software development, including .NET implementation experience and at least a few years architecting .NET applications
Solid understanding of database technology, including SQL Server and Oracle
Working ability to identify architecturally significant requirements and their ramifications
Experience architecting, designing, and implementing DevOps process and procedures using Agile methodologies.
MCSD ALM certification preferred

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